Bridging Finance

Short term loan, up to 24 months, secured against property (both residential & commercial) or land. Fees from 0.65% per month. Often used to:

  • Purchase an property at “Auction” that will be renovated and then either sold or rented out.

  • Quickly raise funds for personal or business purposes.

  • Towards buying another Property whilst waiting for the sale of a Frist one to complete. 

Key Points to Consider

  • Lenders will need clarity on the “Exit” – how you will repay this Loan.

  • Interest generally “rolled-up” – can be added to the “Advance”.

  • Arrangements Fees around Two per cent (2%) and there may be an “exit Fee” as well.

  • Terms from 3 months – 18 months- can “revolve” –

  • Lenders all of U.K. including Northern Ireland.

  • Comprehensive range of Lenders – both “regulated ( Residential Properties) and un-regulated (Commercial & Land) – rates generally more expensive for “Unregulated Properties).

  • Quick Turn Around – as long as all the information is to hand.

  • Both First & Second Charges.

  • Up to 80% available and rates from .5% per month – depending on the L.T.V.

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