Commercial Mortgages

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Commercial Mortgages

Looking to purchase premises to work from? Perhaps you are interested in becoming a Landlord.

Whatever your needs regarding Buying a Commercial Property we can help.

We have Lenders who can provide up to seven years fixed interest rate, allowing you to budget.

Key Points to Consider

  • Mortgages from £30K to £25M+

  • Lenders who consider future projections.

  • Lenders who specialise in the unusual, including Leasehold Properties; Pubs; Clubs; Care homes and Agriculture.

  • Whilst normal maximum Loan to Value (L.T.V.) is 75% up to 100% with additional security is possible.

  • If you have a Pension, some of that could be used towards purchase.

  • Terms from 5 years- 35 years.

  • Portfolios; Holidays Homes, Lending to Ex-PATS;

  • Lenders throughout the U.K. including Northern Ireland.

Call 0345 130 7263 or email me.

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