Invoice Finance

We can offer a wide range of “Invoice Finance” Products, depending on your needs and background.

Our Lenders range from small Boutique Firms to High Street Banks and Multi-National Funders.

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Key Points to Consider

Fast access to working Capital.

Releases Capital from unpaid Invoices. Ideal for clients who sell products and services on credit and need cash to relieve pressure.

Discreet – so clients’ customers do not know it is being used.

In Control – client retains full control of their finances and cash flow management.

If client does not have a credit control in-house- then Factoring may be better.

As above with added benefit of outsourcing credit control.

Lenders experienced credit control team take away the burden of debt collection, from the client.

Built for the client– Factoring packages are tailor-made to the clients business

Client can chose which customers Invoices they want to submit for payment. Fund up to 95% of the value.


  1. Flexible- client selects exactly the ones
  2. Releases Funds into the Business
  3. Discreet – Client’s customers do not know it is being used.
  4. Full control – client keeps full control of their Finances.

If being used throughout the Year – then Factoring or Invoice Discounting may be a better option.

Cash Advance set against “contracts” – Clients can pay suppliers and Staff or take on new ambitious projects without waiting for customer payments.

Ideal for those Businesses that work under “contracts” – I.T. Companies – those with N.H.S.; Local Councils; National Government


Timely access to working Capital – can be as short as 24 hours.

LENDER – on hand to identify any potential issues.

Flexible credit for non-perishable purchases from U.K. and Overseas Suppliers.

Benefits –

  1. Lender bridges the Gap between the order being places and payment.
  2. Peace of Mind – Lender handles supplier payments for the goods, so client can meet customer deadlines and focus on growing their business.
  3. Business on Flexible Terms – Lender can help the client meet scheduled purchasing requirements and lend a hand with the Finance of duties, Taxes and transportation.
  4. Range of Payment methods – paid by telegraphic transfer, letter of credit or supplier undertaking. Payment in a variety of currencies.

Along with “Development Finance” we are able to offer finance to help those in the Construction Industry by arranging finance for materials or other requirements in order to avoid unexpected late payments or project delays.

Fast way for clients to increase working capital by releasing value tied up in multiple assets- both “hard” and “soft”

More suitable for larger organisations or if the client has expansion plans. Ideal for M.BO’s; M.B.I’s mergers and acquisitions.

Provides a higher availability of working capital than traditional lending facilities.
Any size of deal

Protects the client against potential losses from customers who won’t or can’t pay their debt.

Protect up to 95% of debt outstanding  excluding VAT.


  1. Secure Cash flow – If clients customers can’t/won’t pay then they still receive payment against all their sales. Safe guards their business.
  1. Business on Flexible Terms – clients can protect all customers or just a fraction as long as balance is over £500
  1. Confidence to  Grow – client can take on new orders and develop a wide more profitable customer bank as payments are secure.
  1. Peace of Mind – Cashflow is maintained.

All types of Asset for all types of Industry

  • Agriculture
  • Boats

  • Broadcast Television & Sound

  • Cars; Vans; Taxi’s

  • Catering

  • Coin operated
  • Construction and Mining

  • Food Processing

  • Garage Equipment

  • IT

  • Machine Tools

  • Materials Handling

  • Medical & Veterinary Equipment

  • Printing & Paper Processing

  • Renewables

  • Security

  • Telecoms

  • Textile

  • Transportation

  • Waste

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